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Nail treatment salone

1. Nails reconstruction
2. Nails artistic decoration
3. French manicure etc

Tanning salon

1. Bust tanning (high pressure)
2. Total tanning(A treatment of 5+1 and 10+1 packages is advised for best result)

1. Relaxing trearment
2. Weight-loss treatment
Manicure and pedicure salon

1. Simple manicure
2. Manicure with paraffin
3. Simple pedicure
4. Esthetic and curative pedicure
5. Pedicure with paraffin
6. Treatment for tired and moldy feet
7. Partial and complete hair removal
Massage and anti-cellulite salon

1. Traditional (classic) massage
2. Anti-cellulite massage
3. Lymph-draining massage
4. Chest stimulation
5. Partial and complete debilitation of body (10 treatments are recommended fot the
best results)
6. Face and body scrub
7. Electrotherapy weight-loss with 8 or 16 electrodes (The centre recommends this
combination: sauna + electrotherapy and anti-cellulite massage for fast and noticeable results )
Facial treatment salon

1. Anti-wrinkle treatment (against aging)
2. Delicate skin treatment
3. Oily skin treatment
4. Spotted skin treatment
5. Facial treatment whith glycolic
6. Acne and black head treatment
7. Relaxing and stimulation facialmassage

(These are some of the basic services of Esthetic Centre DEA.We offer specific
services for people with various problems examining them in the centre)

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