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About Us

Esthetic Center DEA opened its doors on 24 December 2004.

The creation of Dea esthetic center came about as the result of a collaboration between the producers (Azienda) Italian known as:

(Apotherm, Sportarredo, Albanevosa, Edith Nail Trosani etc­) and the great experience in this area of the creator and founder ,Djana Gjermeni.

As expected results of our work came .There was a big success in the  first year of  the center  activity ,clients  almost tripled.Dea Esthetic Center expand its activity to every potential client, earning important clients like artist,politicians,sports and showbiz celebrities. Also we earned many foreign customers from all over the world.

Dea Center apparatus and products are all known brands Canadian German Italian firms.

Selection and treatment of staff center has been and the key point of our success.

Base products of  the main activities  of ourwork are for example: Acne treatment, pedicure, anticellulitis and  products for domestic use are all icluded in  APOTHERM line.

Our center is new and we are working hard to excel in our duty, but we are convinced that the name of this center will bring such levels that future generations will be proud to say: I worked in DEA aesthetic center, or I am a client of DEA aesthetic center. We can ensure you for that!

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